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Do You The YEC?

Refer exceptional, young entrepreneurs to join us.

Here's how it works...

Each existing member of the YEC has the opportunity to refer 5 people annually to join the organization. A referral does not guarantee membership. The selection process is based on a variety of criteria that helps us maintain an organization that is balanced in terms of their professional focus, geography and developmental stage of business expertise.

Our selection process is critical to maintaining the exclusivity of the YEC community that we all value so much. Please, only invite exceptional entrepreneurs that you yourself would be your name and reputation behind. If your referrals are accepted into our organization, you will be publicly recognized as their referrer.

Referral Rules:

  • Completely and accurately fill out the form below. All fields are required.
  • You may only invite people who you have met in person and have a trusted relationship with.
  • People who have previously had their accounts suspended or terminated can not be re-activated as a YEC member through a referral.
  • Additional questions about referrals can be sent to:

Referral Form:

You can invite 5 more people.