It's All in Your Head: From Artist to Creative Entrepreneur

As a co-founder of ProductPro Systems, Greg Rollett has worked with authors, experts, entertainers, entrepreneurs and business owners all over the world to help them develop products to generate new revenue streams. Here Rollett outlines the three steps it takes to make the mental shift from being an artist to an entrepreneur.

About Greg Rollett

Greg Rollett, the ProductPro, works with authors, experts, entertainers, entrepreneursand business owners all over the world to help them share their knowledge and change the lives and businesses of others.

2 Responses to It's All in Your Head: From Artist to Creative Entrepreneur

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  2. Jenny Yang says:

    I really liked this quick primer Greg. I feel like you succinctly described the process that I've been experiencing. I quit my job of six years and have decided to strike out on my own. I've definitely just turned the corner on deciding to make that mental shift around using my creative talents to pay the bills. I think it's a very important distinction I finally made to get my brain juices flowing on finding those opportunities.

    One question I had was how I balance the three things that I've been nurturing. I have a home/office organizing business that I'm going to get official. I do standup comedy and have started to build my freelance writing portfolio (blogging and comedy writing). And I also blog and podcast about living the Creative Life. With all of these interests, it feels time to "work backwards" and really consider what portion of my monthly income can be supported by each.

    And just for background information, I've started to make some money through the organizing business, have gotten paid gigs a couple times a year since I started doing standup two years ago, and have just started to get quotes on freelance gigs for writing.

    Would appreciate any thoughts you have on this.

    Cheers! Jenny Yang | |

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