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Noteworthy YEC Mentions Videos

Scott Gerber and Jeremy Johnson on WSJ Report
CNBC 08/15/11

Entrepreneur Boot Camp: Teaching Young Egyptians Business 101
CNN 06/16/11

College grads turn entrepreneurs
CBS NEWS 05/12/11


How to Care for Customers
FOX NEWS 03/14/11


How To Quit Your Job Today And Never Work For Anyone Else Again
Business Insider 03/07/11



Young Entrepreneur Council Takes Shape
FOX NEWS 02/28/11

A Must-Have Guide For Young Entrepreneurs
The Street 02/26/11

StartUp America: An Entrepreneurship Initiative
FOX NEWS 01/31/11

Why One Company Is Giving Away Its Product For Free
MSN Business on Main 01/17/11

How to Build Your Own Business ABC News 12/22/10

How to Fire Your Boss CNN 12/17/10

Noteworthy YEC Mentions

#FixYoungAmerica: 300 Campus-Wide Rallies for Youth Employment, & More
Spark Action 04/05/12

10 Solutions to #FixYoungAmerica and Rebuild the Economy
MSN Business on Main 04/02/11

Crowdfunded Campaign Rallies Nationwide to Get Colbert
Mashable 04/02/12

Can the JOBS Act Jump-Start Entrepreneurship?
Mashable 03/31/12

Congress Approves Startup-Focused JOBS Act
Mashable 03/27/12

Will Teaching Kids How to Write Software Help Fix Young America?
Mashable 03/25/12

Startup-Focused JOBS Act Heads for a Final Vote
Mashable 03/21/12

10 Ways to Create Jobs and #FixYoungAmerica Right Now
Brazen Life 03/20/12

Can a Startup Renaissance Fix Young America?
Mashable 03/14/12

It's Time to #FixYoungAmerica
The Huffington Post 03/14/12

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act passes overwhelmingly in The House
The Next Web 03/09/12

Why This Entrepreneur Believes It’s Time To Fix Young America – with Scott Gerber Entrepreneurs Unpluggd 03/09/12

Entrepreneurship Is Good For What Ails The U.S.
Fast Company Expert Blog 03/08/12

How Entrepreneurship Can Get Generation Y Back to Work
Bea Fields Company 03/08/12

Is “Intrapreneurship” Selling Out?
American Express Open Forum 03/08/12

Nathan Lustig 03/07/12

How One Entrepreneur Is Trying to Fix Young America
American Express Open Forum 03/07/12

What Will It Take to #FixYoungAmerica?
Lindsey Pollak 03/07/12

Can Entrepreneurship #FixYoungAmerica? New Campaign Aims to Solve Unemployment & Spark Conversation
Bost Innovation 03/06/12

Tech Cocktail 03/06/12

What will "fix" young America?
Children's Leadership Council 03/06/12

What will "fix" young America? Fortune Magazine 03/06/12

3 Things You Should Know About Small Business: Mar. 6 The Street 03/06/11

How Safe Is Your Career from Today’s Economy? It’s Time to Fix Young America Thrilling Heroics 03/06/12

Are You Ready to #FixYoungAmerica? 03/06/12

How Entrepreneurship Can Fix Young America TIME 03/05/11

YEC Launches #FixYoungAmerica Campaign 03/05/12

A Campaign For Gen Y: It’s Time To #FixYoungAmerica Come Recommended 03/05/12

National social media campaign may help Spokane #FixYoungAmerica 03/05/12

Wisconsin poised to honour cheesehead maker The Globe and Mail 03/05/12

#FixYoungAmerica Campaign Aims to Boost Youth Employment Business News Daily 03/05/12

Young Entrepreneur Council launches its #FixYoungAmerica campaign The Next Web 03/05/12

Can We Fix Young America With Technology and Entrepreneurship? Mashable 03/05/12

I Wear Your Shirt


4 mistakes college grads make at their first job CBS 02/23/12

Student turns used college books into savvy tech startup The Venture 02/07/12

How to land a job in 2012 01/02/12

SBA's Council on Underserved Communities is Listening to America's Entrepreneurs SBA Community 12/21/11

Gen Y: The Future Is Now CNBC 11/18/11

Why SOPA Scares the You-Know-What Out of Me BlogWorld 11/18/11

Senior named student entrepreneur of the year The Northern Iowan 11/14/11

One Good Idea May Be Enough to Pay Your Student Loans Main Street 11/11/11

Young Entrepreneurs Could Be Saying So Long to Student Debt Bost Innovation 11/07/11

A Start-up Accelerator For A New Generation Of Entrepreneurs Forbes 11/07/11

Helping Young Entrepreneurs Say 'Help Wanted' Success Magazine 11/02/11

College Loan Debt Hobbles Budding Entrepreneurs The Huffington Post 11/01/11

Gerber Hits a Nerve Startup Nation 11/01/11

New Fund Could Help Finance Your Startup US NEWS 11/01/11

New Fund Supports Gen Y Entrepreneurs BNET 10/31/11

The Week in Small Business The Wall Street Journal 10/28/11

New Startup Accelerator Gen Y Capital Partners Will Fund Young Entrepreneurs, Pay Off Student Loans Techcrunch 10/28/11

Curing the Gen Y student loan hangover The Washington Post 10/28/11

New firm funds young entrepreneurs Orlando Business Journal 10/27/11

New Initiative Eases Student Loan Burden and Encourages Entrepreneurship Campaign for Free Enterprise 10/27/11

Got An Idea For The Next New Thing? American Express Open Forum 10/27/11

White-House-Approved Gen Y Seed Fund Helps Entrepreneurs from the 99 Percent With Student Loans BETABEAT 10/27/11

Help Stimulate Youth Entrepreneurship in America! Forbes 10/27/11

Gen Y Capital Partners wants to fund your startup idea and pay off your student loans The Next Web 10/27/11

Get started ‘On’: Thursday, Oct. 27 The Washington Post 10/27/11

Can Income Based Repayment on Student Loans Save the Economy? TIME 10/27/11

Student loan forgiveness: 5 ways Obama wants to ease student debt The Christian Science Monitor 10/26/11

Gen Y Capital Partners Pays Young Entrepreneurs’ Student Loans Small Business Trends 10/26/11

A Break for Young Entrepreneurs Inc. 10/26/11

Accelerating Entrepreneurs by Easing Debt Fox Businesses 10/26/11

New Fund Spurs Young Entrepreneurs Yahoo! 10/26/11

Gen Y Entrepreneurs Get New Opportunity CBS 10/26/11

Entrepreneur Fund to Tap President’s Student-Loan Plan The Wall Street Journal 10/26/11

When Mentors Matter More Than Money Bloomberg Businessweek 09/20/11

New Fund Eases Way for Gen Y Entrepreneurs 10/26/11

Gen Y Capital Partners Launches $10 Million Fund for Young Entrepreneurs 10/26/11

We Can't Wait: Obama Administration to Lower Student Loan Payments for Millions of Borrowers The White House 10/25/11

White House and Gen Y Fund Place Hope in Young Entrepreneurs Mashable 10/25/11

Gen Y=Gen E (for entrepreneur) Small Business Daily 10/25/11

New Program Lifts Student Loan Burden for Young Entrepreneurs Brazen Life 10/25/11

How to Find a Great Mentor: 4 Rules CBS 10/19/11

Is the future of work more female friendly? CNN Money 10/17/11

Can Occupy Wall Street Spark Entrepreneurship? Fox Businesses 10/06/11

Small Business Success Metrics Small Business Trends 09/22/11

Not Worrying (Too Much) About Competition Entrepreneurs 09/21/11

Meet the New Generation of Entrepreneurs MSN Business on Main 09/20/11

When Mentors Matter More Than Money Bloomberg Businessweek 09/20/11

Starting Up Right Out of College MSN Business on Main 09/12/11

A Youth Perspective on Post-College Options The Michael Eric Dyson Show 09/02/11

Arrested Adulthood: Pre-Adults Stuck Between Life Stages The Huffington Post 08/26/11

Dallas mentor advises Egyptian team from afar Dallas Morning News 08/23/11

Startup generation ready to fix economy MSNBC.COM 08/08/11

Founders reveal how they made their first sale Mixergy 08/01/11

Young start-ups shaping Egypt's future CNN 07/25/11

Gen Y Takes Entrepreneurship Global All Business 07/22/11

Life Lessons From a Fire-Breathing, Stilt-Walking Billionaire Forbes 07/22/11

Entrepreneurship in Egypt National Review Online The Agenda Blog 07/20/11

The Emerging Startup Culture In Cairo Will Blow You Away

Business Insider 07/20/11

Starting a business: Virtual office, real job Chicago Tribune 07/18/11

Arab Spring, Start-Up Summer? The New York Times 07/16/11

Western help for Egyptian entrepreneurs The Globe and Mail 07/15/11

The Entrepreneurial Renaissance And The Rise Of The Independent Workforce Fast Company Expert Blog 07/12/11

Why New Graduates Should Consider Entrepreneurship US NEWS 07/12/11

How Western Entrepreneurs Are Supporting Egypt’s Growing Startup Scene Mashable 07/11/11

Egyptian Uprising Casts a Light on Young Entrepreneurs BNET Upstarts and Alpha Dogs Blog 07/11/11

10 Generation Next entrepreneurs to watch CNN 07/07/11

A True Entrepreneur’s Education Forbes Work in Progress Blog 07/06/11

Mark Zuckerberg Is One Of The Rare Young Entrepreneurs That Actually Makes It Big Business Insider The Fiscal Times Blog 07/06/11

Arab Spring Turns Into an Entrepreneurial Summer 06/27/11

The 30 Essential Entrpreneur Resources Erin Blaskie Blog 06/17/11

Small Business Gets Its Own Branded Entertainment, And It Doesn’t Suck MediaPost VidBlog 06/16/11

Portfolio Portrait: Be Afraid, Just Not of Failure Entrepreneur's Adventures Blog 06/16/11

Fail Series: Doing Too Much – with Scott Gerber Mixergy 06/03/11

Young Entrepreneurship Profiled on CBS Evening News Entrepreneur's Adventures Blog 05/13/11

Adapt to Today's Online Business Reality or Else! All Business 05/06/11

10 Things to Look for in a Web Hosting Service Inc. 04/28/11

Young Entrepreneurs MYOB Podcast 04/18/11

Show #106: Scott Gerber, author of Never Get a Real Job The Startup Success Podcast 04/12/11

Careers on the side Chicago Tribune 04/08/11

Graduate Entrepreneurs-The New Trend Education Today 04/05/11

And on the Side, I'm an Entrepreneur US NEWS 03/30/11

Join the Startup Revolution MSN Business on Main 03/29/11

The New Entrepreneur 03/15/11

Today's Young Entrepreneurs See the World in a New Way All Business 03/07/11

Proof That America Is Obsessed With Startupsy

Business Insider 03/07/11

Scott Gerber On Why You Should Never Get A Real Job YFS Magazine 02/28/11

FreelancerPro Interview: Never, Ever Get a “Real” Job Freelance Switch 02/24/11

New Survey: Gen Y Loves Entrepreneurship But Lacks Resources BNET Upstarts and Alpha Dogs Blog 02/23/11

Grassroots Shake Up of the Entrepreneurship Education Community 02/21/11

11 for 2011: Riffs on Today's Entrepreneurship 02/21/11

5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years Forbes 02/21/11

Entrepreneur says youth must create their own jobs REUTERS 02/18/11

Tons Of College Students Are Starting Businesses, And A Lot Are Doing It Because They Can't Find Jobs Business Insider 02/17/11

10 Reasons to Start a Business This Year The Wall Street Journal 02/11/11

Scott Gerber Believes in Never Getting A Real Job 02/11/11

Scott Gerber Interview – Serial Entrepreneur & Author of ‘Never Get A Real Job’ 01/18/11

Coaches Corner: Scott Gerber Entrepreneur 01/12/11

Never Get a “Real” Job Giveaway Ramen Noodles, Rent & Resumes 01/10/11

Move Over Creative Class, the Collaborative Class Is Here Fast Company Expert Blog 01/10/11

Q & A with Scott Gerber on Building A Virtual Team Urban Interns 01/06/11

Youth Unemployment CBC Radio The Current 01/05/11

Entrepreneurship Among The Young And Not So Young Work Different 01/04/11

Is it Time to Dump Your Boss and Build Your Own Business? Fox Businesses 12/14/10

Can College Grads Create Their Own Jobs The New York Times You’re the Boss Blog 12/11/10

No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own The New York Times 12/11/10