The Insider: Mind Mapping

10 Tools That Simplify Startup Collaboration

Whether you work remotely or just like to collaborate with your team in the cloud, these 10 tools make brainstorming and sharing ideas 10x simpler.

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14 Simple Tricks and Tools to Keep Your Team Organized

From a Kanban whiteboard to chalk walls, 14 YEC'ers share their favorite gadgets for keeping the office -- and their teams' brains -- uncluttered.

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How to Find and Do Work You Love: 3 Surprisingly Simple Steps

Most people are miserable at work. But finding -- and then doing -- work you're passionate about is more within your control than you might think. Scott Dinsmore's Passionate Work Framework provides the raw material for lasting change.

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How to Cross Other Paths and Venture Forward Toward Success

Interesting things happen when people choose to defy the norm, cross paths with an unlikely passerby and push their own limits.

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7 Ways to Get Inspired

Sometimes finding inspiration is a matter of doing something new or looking somewhere you've never looked before.

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