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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching Investors

So many entrepreneurs stumble when pitching for the first time. If you learn from their mistakes before you try to raise money you just might come out ahead.

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How to Solve Business Challenges Using Word Problems

Solving problems about having the right data to plug into the equation. Here are some tools to help track crucial business metrics.

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5 Ways to Build a Sustainable Business Model

One entrepreneur shares his trial-and-error story of falling for the common "if you build it they will come" myth -- and how he built a revenue generating business.

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Mindshift: How to Transition From Artist to Entrepreneur

Greg Rollett, the ProductPro, talks about the mindshift from being an artist to an entrepreneur.

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3 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Mobility

Tips and tricks for cutting business expenses by keeping your wireless bill in check.

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6 Tips for Selling When All You Want to Do Is Create

Business is about selling a product or service, and creative businesses are no exception. Here are some strategies for your creative desires and ensuring your business continues to grow.

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5 Steps for Making Your Project Fundable

Use these strategies to ensure you can sell investors on your project and get the investment you need to move your business forward.

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Is My Startup Ready for Investor Funding?

Here are three things to consider when determining whether or not it's time to about seek outside funding.

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How I Overcame the Expectation Hangover

Christine Hassler's success as a Hollywood literary agent left her exhausted and with no time to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Here's how she connected with her purpose and found true fulfillment.

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YEC Live with Eric Bahn -- Bootstrapping Bootcamp!

Eric Bahn, Founder and Vice President of Beat The GMAT, discusses tactics for successfully bootstrapping a profitable business.

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If It Isn't Working, Fix It Quickly

Matt Mickiewicz, founder of SitePoint and 99Designs discusses how to spot dead-beat vendors and customers before they have a chance to hurt your business.

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How Your Money Mindset Impacts Your Bottom Line

Your beliefs about money can directly impact your bank account. Here are three tips for changing your mindset so you can experience abundance in your life -- and in your business.

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3 Ways to Program Your Mind for Success

Running a successful business is often a matter of mental fortitude. Here are some tips to get you in the right frame of mind.

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Why Bookkeeping Software Is More Important Than Office Space

Zach Cutler, founder of the Cutler Group explains why referral marketing and having the right system for tracking finances are business essentails.

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Look Like a Big Company Without Spending Big Money

Easy strategies and inexpensive tools to get your small-business website up and running in no time.

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What Time Is It? Me Time

Taking care of self is important. Here are some tips for avoiding burn out and getting some quality "Me Time."

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Entrepreneurship: The Art of Moving Past Other People's Objections

Very few people object to the idea that they should, personally, be entrepreneurs. Rather, the problems creep in when other people object to an individual wanting to start her own company.

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Sometimes Bad Investments Are the Best Teachers

PORTOPONG Co-Founder, Jerry Piscitelli, discusses three lessons he learned in real world of entrepreneurship.

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9 Tips for Getting Top Talent for Your Startup

You may not have a huge network or much to offer, but there are still ways to build a strong team for your company. Here's how.

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How to Build a Business that Resonates With Purpose

Use these tried and true strategies for building an authentic business and attract your ideal clients.

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