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6 Tips on Protecting Your Business While Finding and Hiring the Best Talent

Y.E.C. members provide small business advice on protecting your business while finding and hiring the best talent.

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How to Build a Successful Company Culture

In a new company, it's easy to create a fun culture. But without employee accountability, the business growth could become stagnant. Here are three building blocks for a company culture with the right balance of fun, discipline -- and success.

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7 Ways to Use Facebook to Market and Grow Your Business

Y.E.C. members provide small business advice on using Facebook to market and grow your business.

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How I Used Honesty and Transparency to Build Credibility

The penny-stock industry is plagued with corruption. Investor, Timothy Sykes, found success by proving you don't have to game the system to make a profit.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Business Attorney

As a business owner, you face many challenges and incur expenses. One of the biggest challenges you'll face is how to meet the legal requirements of your business, while balancing the need to preserve time and capital.  Here are a …

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9 Practical Tips For Becoming a Road Warrior

Being location independent takes discipline. Here are some tips, tools and techniques for running a business and being permanent traveler.

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Tap Into an Underrated Pool of Talent

Entrepreneurs often struggle with finding the right talent for their business. In many cases, a disabled person could fill the position they are struggling to hire for. The latest Census numbers report that 10 percent of working age people in …

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Don't Think You Need an Assistant? Think Again

Hiring an assistant can free you up so you can focus on the big picture of building your business. Here are some strategies to help you decide if its time for you to start delegating.

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How to Accomplish More With Peace and Confidence

Distractions can be a productivity drain for entrepreneur. These tips can help you solve some of the most common time challenges.

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The Four Stages of Effective Delegation

As your business grows, learning to delegate is crucial. Use this delegation strategy so you can be free to work on -- not in -- your business.

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How to Make Your CMS Work For You

When I launched the collegiette™ lifestyle website,, in September 2009, we couldn’t foresee all the features that we would add to the site. A year and a half later, we've narrowed down the scope of what we offer and clarified our mission. To go along with the changes in our business model, our site is getting a redesign from the ground up, which involves refining our Content Management System -- or CMS.

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Empower Your Employees for Stellar Customer Service

Give your employees the authority to go the extra mile for the customer. Instead of setting up constraints, protocol and scripts, give them the leeway to find a creative solution.

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5 Tips for Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time

If you're anything like me, you've uttered one or more of these motivational phrases to yourself as you pursued a big project or business idea. As female business owners and entrepreneurs, we often try to do it all -- build a business, eat healthy foods, stay fit, be social, take care of our home and loved ones, and be cheerful on top of it all.

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What I Learned Juggling Nomadic Entrepreneurship and Motherhood

As a business owner who always has a multitude of projects going, is location independent and as the mother of a toddler, I know what it's like to be juggling too many balls. If I've learned anything about how to get things done and be happy with what you've achieved, it's this...

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Protected: David Hauser: Use Core Values In Every Aspect of Your Business

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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7 Ways to Get Inspired

Sometimes finding inspiration is a matter of doing something new or looking somewhere you've never looked before.

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