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8 Tips for Preparing to Meet with a Bank Loan Officer

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The Science of Getting People to Say 'Yes'

The yes ladder is fundamentally a trust building exercise. If you can get people to trust you, your product and your brand they will be more likely to say yes to you again and again.

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16 Tips for On-the-Go Entrepreneurs

Y.E.C. members provide small business advice for on-the-go entrepreneurs.

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7 Tips to Increase Your Direct Marketing ROI

Y.E.C. members provide small business advice on direct marketing ROI for aspiring, young entrepreneurs.

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How to Build a Faith-Based Social Business

When he decided his business would donate all of its profits to charity, Luke Burgis, founder and Executive Director of ActivPrayer, knew the success would have to be a work of God.

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12 Things Every Marketing Plan Should Consider

A quick guide to the 12 essential elements to consider when developing a marketing plan.

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7 Tips on Negotiating A Long-Term Vendor Contract

Y.E.C. members provide small business advice on negotiating a long-term vendor contract for aspiring, young entrepreneurs.

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Why Becoming An Entrepreneur is the Answer to Your Failed Job Searches

Here's a unique pep talk for today's under-employed and unemployed youth, courtesy of serial entrepreneur and founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, Scott Gerber.

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How I Became a Professional "Human Billboard"

How the founder used social media savvy, a unique pricing strategy -- and a lot of hard work -- to turn his crazy idea into a successful business.

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How to Build a Successful Company Culture

In a new company, it's easy to create a fun culture. But without employee accountability, the business growth could become stagnant. Here are three building blocks for a company culture with the right balance of fun, discipline -- and success.

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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Business Attorney

As a business owner, you face many challenges and incur expenses. One of the biggest challenges you'll face is how to meet the legal requirements of your business, while balancing the need to preserve time and capital.  Here are a …

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9 Practical Tips For Becoming a Road Warrior

Being location independent takes discipline. Here are some tips, tools and techniques for running a business and being permanent traveler.

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How I Did It: Natalie MacNeil Discusses Her 3 Startup Challenges

How the writer faced down her startup challenges and then built a sustainable business.

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Tap Into an Underrated Pool of Talent

Entrepreneurs often struggle with finding the right talent for their business. In many cases, a disabled person could fill the position they are struggling to hire for. The latest Census numbers report that 10 percent of working age people in …

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The Key to Maximizing Resources: Be Clear About Your Revenue Model

Bert Gervais, CEO of Success Mentor Education, learned the hard way that knowing your customer is key to starting a business on the right track.

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Don't Think You Need an Assistant? Think Again

Hiring an assistant can free you up so you can focus on the big picture of building your business. Here are some strategies to help you decide if its time for you to start delegating.

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How to Accomplish More With Peace and Confidence

Distractions can be a productivity drain for entrepreneur. These tips can help you solve some of the most common time challenges.

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The Four Stages of Effective Delegation

As your business grows, learning to delegate is crucial. Use this delegation strategy so you can be free to work on -- not in -- your business.

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The Art of Disruptive Innovation

What’s the best & fastest growing type of business? Any business that’s disruptive to existing companies in the industry by pushing the status quo, connecting buyers & sellers together in new markets, or driving down prices in established markets.

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How Blogging Almost Killed My Business

Don't get blinded by your subscriber and follower counts. It doesn't matter if you have 10,000 subscribers to your blog if you don't have anything to sell. The fact is, if you're not selling anything, you still don't have a business.

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