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7 Benefits to Being a Lazy Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur should be passionate, hard-working...and lazy? Matthew Ackerson explains why less can be more for CEOs.

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Protected: 4 Tools That Make Payments (From Anywhere) a Breeze

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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The Truth About Raising Early-Stage Capital

Saul Garlick bought out his own nonprofit to start a for-profit company, and learned that raising cash and fundraising are worlds apart.

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12 Things Entrepreneurs Forget When Budgeting

Does your company budget have a few too many holes? Here are 12 crucial items to set aside cash for, from payroll tax to health care.

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A 5-Step Strategy for Crafting a Company Vision

Is your company's team clear on long-term strategy? Get everyone on the same page with this simple, five-step visioning process.

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How Delegating Helps You and Your Employees Thrive

Delegating frees up your day, but it can help your employees even more. Top entrepreneurs share their advice for delegating smarter.

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How to Find and Keep Your Ideal Mentor

Finding a mentor is one thing; forming a mutually beneficial mentorship is another. Lisa Nicole Bell shares specific tips for how to do both.

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How to Draft a Press Release for the Digital Age

Are you getting the press coverage you need? Successful entrepreneurs dish on how to draft a press release for the digital age.

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4 Code-Free Steps to Launch Your Business Website

Tips, tools and steps for making your online business a reality -- even if you don't know how to code a website.

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How to Reignite Your Entrepreneurial Focus and Discipline

An entrepreneur's biggest fear is not failure, but complacency, lethargy and contentment with stagnation. Matt Gartland shares how to defend yourself from it all.

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How to Be Productive on a Startup Schedule

Being your own boss at a brand-new startup doesn't mean you have to sacrifice fun. Here are 6 productivity tips for burned-out entrepreneurs.

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12 Tips When Outsourcing Tasks for the First Time

Considering outsourcing busywork so you can get more done? Here are 12 tips (and a few words of caution) from fellow entrepreneurs.

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Need Cash? Cut Your Spending in These 3 Areas First

Business profits shouldn't go directly into unnecessary overhead costs. Nick Friedman highlights three way your startup is wasting a ton of money.

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5 Necessities to Catapult Your Company to Success

Jason Ross shares how he catapulted his company from a bedroom business into the successful men's online shopping club it is today.

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11 Ways to Set Your Prices Among the Competition

Calculate your real entrepreneurial worth by following 11 pricing tips from successful young entrepreneurs.

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Who's in Your Professional Inner Circle?

Do you have a professional inner circle? Having a peer group provides accountability and honesty entrepreneurs can't get elsewhere.

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3 Ways to Build Buzz for a Product Before It Ships

Are you establishing market need for your product before it hits the shelves? Here are 3 tips to create buzzworthy, profitable launches.

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How to Network Outside Your Own Industry

Being well-connected in your own industry is key, but being able to branch out into others is even better. Here are tips to network smarter.

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12 Lessons for Success From the CEO of iContact

Ryan Allis' company iContact was acquired for $169 million. Read the top 12 lessons this CEO learned from building a successful business.

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How to Hire Startup Talent Through Social Media Platforms

When looking for new talent to join your startup, should you stay away from recruiting services and head straight for social media platforms?

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