How Entrepreneurship is Like a Lesson in Human Nature

Sometimes You Really do Need a Mentor

Entrepreneurs often set out creating a business, based on their opinion, experience and from their point of view. What is usually missing is an external, unbiased filter to help guide that entrepreneur through the business process. Entrepreneurs need someone that they can rely on to provide them advice that comes from a neutral, unemotional space.

In the early days of my own business, I did not seek out a mentor or a coach and I forged my way through my business alone.  I was lucky to find my way fairly quickly, but this is not the norm. Most people struggle and if they don't have proper advice or the ability to look at something subjectively, they will either take twice as long to achieve the goal, or they will fail entirely.

Be Prepared for the Sacrifice

Before people start their own business there is this dream that exists. The dream of working from tropical locations, working a four-hour work week (thank you Tim Ferriss) and of being your own boss. However, most entrepreneurs will tell you that while they do get to work from tropical locations, it is  necessity.

Becoming an entrepreneur means eating, breathing and sleeping your business. Unless you are willing for things to move at a slow pace, it is nearly impossible to set "normal business hours" to your business.  Most entrepreneurs have goals and the desire to reach those goals becomes this insatiable need.

So, I wish I had known that I may choose work over cocktail hour and that I might have to head home early from a networking event to hop on that radio interview. It wouldn't change my decision to be an entrepreneur but at least it would let me walk into it eyes wide open.

You Will Learn More About Yourself and Human Nature Being an Entrepreneur Than You Would in a Psychology Course

As an entrepreneur you are dealing with people every day. You are dealing with yourself every day. You need to push yourself forward and hold yourself back. You need to motivate, inspire, coach, educate, assist and listen to people. Without doing these things, you will not see great success.

Over time, you will figure out what keeps you grounded, what is important and you will start to listen to yourself. You'll learn to trust your instincts, trust your ideas and listen to your gut. You'll learn to prioritize where your time will be spent and when you get time to do something out of the ordinary, you won't take a second of it for granted.

About Erin Blaskie

Erin Blaskie is a Digital Strategist. In the ten years since starting her first online business, Erin has helped numerous businesses come online, establish their web presence and create community. Erin’s primary expertise is in creating solid systems for businesses but she also leads clients to leverage the power of the Internet to nurture community, create culture and inspire change. Clients include Disney, Kraft and Microsoft Canada.

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  1. Tristan Roderick says:

    This was really great! And I'm totally learning now how to deal with myself everyday and these gut feelings!

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