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Yanik Silver CEO, Maverick1000.com

Yanik Silver is a serial entrepreneur who has built multiple successful online businesses even though he still considers himself a “techno dunce.” He has successfully bootstrapped 8 different product and service ideas hitting the million-dollar sales mark from scratch without funding, taking on debt or even having a real business plan. Yanik’s story and businesses have been featured in Business 2.0, Fox Business News, TIME.com, USA Today, SmartMoney.com, MSN Money, Conde Naste’s Portfolio.com, Entrepreneur.com, WIRED magazine, WORTH.com, The Boston Globe, Denver Business Journal, and many others. He is the author of several best-selling marketing books and tools including “Moonlighting on the Internet,” Instant Sales Letters® & “34 Rules for Maverick Entrepreneurs”. Yanik is also the founder of the Underground Online Seminar® and Maverick1000, a private group of game-changing entrepreneurs. As a self-described “adventure junkie,” Yanik has found that his own life-changing experiences such as running with the bulls, bungee jumping, HALO skydiving, exotic car rallies and Zero-Gravity flights have not expanded his limits but also led to breakthroughs in ideas, focus and business thinking. In between checking off items on his Ultimate Big Life List, he calls Potomac, Maryland home with his wife, Missy, and 2 mini mavericks adventurers in the making, Zack & Zoe.

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