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Steven Le Vine CEO/President, grapevine pr + consulting

Most children have moments when they know what they want to become – whether a police office, doctor or astronaut. For Steven Le Vine, the founder of grapevine pr, his career was written on the wall before he even knew. This is because when he was growing up, he used to report to classmates on things he enjoyed, whether it was places he visited or things he did. In high school, this passion would manifest itself in other ways, when he would record albums he liked and share them with friends. It was around this time when his father suggested he should become a publicist, because he was a born promoter. What he didn’t realize was that he would end up starting his own business at such a young age – while only an intern! In 2006, Steven graduated from college and within his first week as an intern, he formed his own music PR label, GrapeVine Promotions. A couple months later, he accepted a position at a large real estate PR firm, and began to land clients coverage in top-tier outlets like the Wall Street Journal, a feat he was told no one else on his level had achieved. But he didn’t feel this corporate environment fit him and was determined to go off on his own. That was when he received an email response from a notable actor requesting a meeting to discuss his services. Things were about to change. This actor was signed to the newly formed grapevine pr soon after, and then came forth a flood of other clients. Before he knew it, he was running his own firm on the side. He then began garnering himself press and appeared on the front-page of the Asbury Park Press’ business section. He knew once his bosses found out, he would be forced to make a critical decision. Many of his friends and family lobbed dire predictions at him, telling him he would risk his career and reputation by becoming an entrepreneur at such a young age. But he refused to listen. It was in September 2007, when he was called into the office and given an ultimatum. Would he stay or would he go? He said, “I’m not giving up my company, so do what you have to do.” It was only a few months later when he moved out to Los Angeles, where the firm is currently based. It has now been almost six years since he started his lifestyle and entertainment PR firm, and he has represented over 100 clients, many of them celebrities and international consumer brands. Le Vine is also frequently asked to contribute to industry articles and radio shows as a thought leader. He has been featured in Entrepreneur, Under 30 CEO, Mixergy, PRWeek, and was recently named a "Rising Star" in Global Business Magazine. Le Vine’s philosophy behind grapevine pr is that any good PR firm can get you press, but grapevine pr is more than just that – it seeks to become a “way of life” brand. The firm likes to offer clients personalized and personable service, flexible terms, reasonable fees, and always delivers on what it says, but never over-promises. The firm even has special departments focused on various niche markets -- for which the firm has received a substantial amount of press. Le Vine prefers going after the most edgy, innovative and fun brands that exist, and credits his influences as Virgin’s Richard Branson, Philippe Starck, Apple’s Steve Jobs, and David Geffen. He believes all have taken the status quo in their respective industries and turned it on its head.

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