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Slava Rubin Co-Founder and CEO, Indiegogo

Slava Rubin is CEO and co-founder of IndieGoGo (www.indiegogo.com) - the world’s funding platform - which provides anyone with passion the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and fund creative, entrepreneurial, or cause campaigns. The service has been used for over 50,000 campaigns and distributed millions of dollars in nearly every country of the world. In 2011, IndieGoGo was named one of the partner companies for Startup America - President Obama’s initiative to stimulate entrepreneurship in America. Recent speaking engagements include Skoll World Forum, TedX, SXSW, CMJ & Internet Week NY, while press includes NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America, Oprah, BBC, and CNNMoney. Prior to IndieGoGo, Slava was a Strategy Consultant leading growth initiatives for clients ranging from MasterCard to Goldman Sachs to Fedex. He started Music Against Myeloma, an annual charity event raising funds and awareness to fight this rare form of cancer. Slava is also an advisor to several startups, including Romper Games. Slava is a member of Renaissance Weekend and the KIN Global Summit (Kellogg Innovation Network). He is a former member of the Young Leadership Fund of Chicago and currently an advisor to multiple Jewish non-profits in NYC. Slava graduated with a B.S.E. from the Wharton School of Business. He loves food, film, travel, and the World Cup.

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