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Scott Dinsmore Founder & CEO, Live Your Legend

The Short Story Scott Dinsmore is the founder and Chief Experimenter at Live Your Legend, a coaching and digital product company helping people find and do work they love. He's also a Managing Partner at Cumbre Capital, a value investment partnership modeled after the Buffett Partnerships of the 1950's and 60's. He’s a writer, entrepreneur, Passion Coach and Value Investor obsessed with adventure, life experiments and learning. His work has been featured in prominent sites and publications such as The Washington Post, Elance and Zen Habits, among hundreds of others. His blog and website is ranked among the top .05% in the world. He also has a small problem listening to authority. For the past 8 years Scott has run experiments on himself and others to better understand what lights the fire under each of us. He noticed a process for making these discoveries and started helping others find the same through coaching, writing and doing all kinds of wild adventures. So far he’s interviewed and conducted case studies on over 100 Living Legends from around the world. The insights will blow your mind. He now helps people discover passion & purpose to experience dreams and do work they love. Scott does this at Live Your Legend and through his value investment fund, Cumbre Capital. The Longer (more fun) Story… I’ve had my share of soul-crushing jobs and believe me, there’s a better way. Ten years ago my dad gave me a copy of What Color Is Your Parachute. After reading it two epiphanies hit: • Everyone deserves to do meaningful work that they’re actually good at. • In order to have a chance at finding it you have to dedicate yourself to learning, improving and experimenting with all kinds of stuff. So My Adventure Began… After university, I was rejected from my dream job, so I took the road less traveled to Spain to run with the bulls. My 7-week trip turned into a year, where I co-founded an English teaching company for businessmen, and lead tours through Morocco and Portugal on the weekends. Spaniards prioritized enjoyment over money and I realized life did not have to be lived the way it was in the States. Exploring, seeking meaningful adventure and limit testing quickly became a huge part of life. I sold the business only to move back and fall into corporate hell, which I couldn’t stand one day over seven months. I fired myself in search of something I could actually screw up. I launched my first blog, ReadingForYourSuccess (which has since been replaced by Live Your Legend), to document my experiences as I sought out work that mattered to me. I then stumbled on a preventive health care startup, BioIQ, with a product I actually cared about, and spent two-years running their Market Validation team and learning what made a business tick. Now I wanted something of my own which better leveraged my time, gave me balance, helped others and lit a fire in my belly. So I launched an investment partnership that recreated the way Warren Buffett managed investments for families in Omaha, Nebraska when he was thirty-years-old (I’m a life-time Buffett fanatic). We launched in the heart of the 2008/2009 economic meltdown. Good thing my fire was lit, because it was a terrifying start. But looking back the timing couldn’t have been better. Working for someone else in the space never crossed my mind; because the lack of balance, ethics and wide-spread greed disgusted me (they probably wouldn’t have hired me anyway). Meanwhile my desire to learn and help people on a more personal level kept me up at night. I began teaching speed-reading and writing and coaching on helping people find their freedom and how to do work they loved. After 8-years of running experiments on others and myself to better understand what lights us on fire, I noticed a process for making these discoveries. I soon became the go-to-guy among friends and colleagues when they were tired and dreading getting up each morning. If they were in search of something more meaningful, I got a call. I was pretty much the guy people grabbed when they wanted to quit and just needed a push. My quit-rate was about 80% with the people I met. Not bad. I loved it so much I started helping others find the same through coaching, writing, documenting folks living their legends all over the world, and doing all kinds of wild adventures (i.e. things that scared me). I began measuring success on whether I could help even one person; so far so good. Things started to catch on and my blog reached the top .5% of websites. Turns out other people cared about this stuff too. I’ve since written for some pretty big blogs and websites and surrounded myself with other uber passionate people. It’s been an amazing ride. Along the journey I also bought an engagement ring from Warren Buffett after receiving a personal letter from him (he owns a sweet jewelry store in Omaha), and I married my college love of seven years. This is my greatest success to date. Our Croatian honeymoon was the best education I’ve had in years. I spend my time between San Francisco, Santa Barbara and the rest of the world. My most recent journeys took me to Chile, Argentina, Peru, Machu Picchu, Tuscany, Dubai and the beaches of Oman. I now own my calendar and spend my time doing things I enjoy with people I love and respect. I couldn’t ask for more.

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