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Marcos Cordero Chief Gradsaver, GradSave, LLC

Marcos Cordero is a disciplined, motivated MIT engineer, Harvard MBA with management consulting background and over 8 years of experience in a variety of strategic and operational roles. Passionate, driven individual that thrives on big challenges and team settings. Marcos has a general management background with experience in clean-tech, high-technology, manufacturing, and medical devices. His company experience includes large, and angel capital-backed startup companies. He is co-founder and CEO of Gradsave.com, a company that allows friends and family to contribute directly to a child's college savings plan. He is passionate about making a dent in American's college savings and attendance. American families without access to a financial advisor are an underserved market and Gradsave aims to help Americans start saving for education early, increasing chances of higher education. Previous to GradSave, Marcos was co-founder of the Green Business Bureau (www.gbb.org). The GBB developed a world-class online platform that provides businesses an easy to use tool and clear roadmap to become eco-efficient, one step at a time. The GBB seal provides businesses recognition and the marketing benefits of being a green business. The GBB is an approved certification organization for the likes of eBay World of Good, AAA, and Travelocity. Featured on Fast Company, Entrepreneur Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Houston Business Journal, Houston Chronicle and other leading publications. He is an avid cyclist, tennis player, and general adventure activities. Raised in Puerto Rico and Miami. Currently resides in Miami.

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