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Maren Hogan Chief Marketing Brain, Red Branch Media

Changing the world of B2B Marketing, one industry at a time, from Omaha, Nebraska...I really hate writing bios, they sound so boring, when most people\'s life story is anything but. Here\'s mine: A military brat, I dropped out of high school in Santa Cruz, California and moved to San Francisco to pursue emancipation (or something like that). After I moved back to Nebraska to be near my four sisters, I got back into school with the goal of becoming a fiction writer. Child #1 changed that goal to marketing and communications. I\'ve been working to make product and services sound better to companies for over 13 years now. I began my career by sending out articles and writing samples to every local paper I could think of, and it worked! I quickly amassed a portfolio and learned the ropes of business reporting and writing at the local and regional business journals. After a stint in investment management communications, I turned to the world of HR and Recruiting Technologies (or Human Capital Management). During a year long hiatus from a series of executive marketing positions in the HR and Recruiting space, I started a fledgling network of travel bloggers called TravelBlogExchange.com which in turn spawned an international conference franchise and a PR software tool. The former was sold in 2012 to New Media Expo. Red Branch Media, my B2B marketing consultancy, through all of the above (at least since 2006) has grown exponentially in 2012-2013. RBM is now a full service agency with clients in North America, the United Kingdom, the MIddle East and Africa. We are six and growing rapidly (call us if you are brilliant, we\'re always looking) and my main mission in life is to manage myself out of a job, so I can try something new. Maybe write a book.... Maybe start a speaking career... Maybe start using that treadmill in the corner...

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