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Lisa Nicole Bell Founder/CEO, Inspired Life Media GRoup

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Social entrepreneur, on air personality and digital media maven Lisa Nicole Bell creatively blends art and commerce to achieve her mission of moving the social and economic progress agendas forward. Working at the intersection of entertainment, technology, and social change, Lisa is the founder and CEO of Inspired Life Media Group where she and her team conceive, develop, produce, and manage a slate of socially relevant digital destinations and multimedia properties. With a passionate interest in leveraging digital media as a platform for social progress, she is the mastermind behind brands such as FromHerPen.com, ArtCommerceLife.com, and ReviseTheDream.com.

As a media personality and producer, Lisa brings infectious energy and a fresh perspective to a variety of platforms including live events, film and television, books, mobile platforms, and new media. Her hallmark traits of candor, wisdom, humor, and creative thinking make her a trusted authority on entrepreneurship, social change, and women’s issues. From 2009-2011, Lisa produced and hosted Inspired Life Radio, a weekly show featuring entrepreneurs and thought leaders. As an on camera talent and brand ambassador, Lisa has starred in campaigns for PBS, Women in Film, and K-Swiss. Her other film and television credits as an actress, writer, and producer include Lifetime’s What Should You Do?, the critically acclaimed PBS Raising Readers campaign, The Legacy Letters, and the award winning HIV awareness film, Walking on Sunshine, among others. Lisa currently serves as a small business expert for Business Beware, where her insight and inspiration reach more than 20 million homes throughout the United States. A skilled and charismatic speaker, Lisa has shared her insight with thousands of people at national and international events including UCLA, TEDx, and The Scheduling Institute. Furthering her mission of creating inspiring media, Lisa is the author of Divine Inspirations, the editor of The Legacy Letters anthology, and a contributing author of The Soulful Parent.

Lisa’s foray into entrepreneurship began after she was fired from a job for voicing her opinions on the company’s lack of efficient systems. At her father’s urging, she started her first business, a standard test preparation company. She went on to begin her career in Hollywood and complete her Business Law degree at California State University, a Princeton Review Best Business School. Lisa then wrote, co-produced, and co-starred in the critically acclaimed stage play, Deal Breakers and started Inspired Girls International, a personal development firm that created content and programming for organizations that work with young women. Now an author, advisor, and thought leader, Lisa has positively impacted thousands of lives through her media and business ventures.

Lisa has been seen on dozens of press outlets including ABC, CBS, PBS, Forbes, Reuters, Inc., American Entertainment, Women 2.0, Huffington Post, and Mashable. She is a three-time Los Angeles Business Journal Woman Making a Difference and a recipient of the F.A.M.E. Excellence Award. Her other awards and nominations include the Small Business Administration’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the NAACP Theatre Award. Lisa is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and the Screen Actors Guild. Her philanthropic and advisory work includes the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), End Sex Trafficking Day, and the Union Rescue Mission.

When she isn’t working, Lisa can be found flying planes, globetrotting, or trying new flavors of fruit snacks.

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