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Kim Kaupe Co-Founder, ZinePak

Hailing from Conde Nast Publications Kim described her years there as a combination of "the best scene from The Devil Wears Prada combined with the worst scene from The Hunger Games." Enduring the slash and burn recession of 2008 where Conde Nast closed four magazines and condensed all publications into their infamous 4 Times Square address, Kim learned that nothing kept you on your toes more than the fear of imminent disaster and the opportunity to create something entirely fresh and new. Staying on-board during the re-brand and re-launch of the magazine 2009 from a bi-monthly to monthly publication, it was only after the dust settled, and the excitement of the re-launch completed, that Kim’s itch for change could no longer be ignored. After a few months at the DDB-affiliated agency Fathom Communications, Kim quickly realized that it was not the right match. Fortunately she discovered the "ying" to her "yang" Brittany Hodak, whom she had met at the agency. Over drinks in a mid-town bar they hatched a plan to play up their strengths, backgrounds, and contacts and the idea of ‘ZinePak was conceived. Eager give ‘ZinePak the nurturing it deserved, Brittany and Kim started earnestly working on the business in March 2011, leaving the comfort of their corporate benefits and job security behind. They completed six projects in the first year of business, but knew that it was only the start. "In the beginning I think the only people who envisioned how successful this could get was Brittany and I. Everyone else¬—parents, friends and significant others—thought we were well on our way to crazy town." ‘ZinePak experienced tremendous 400% growth in 2012, completing 24 projects in a single calendar year and working with superstars such as Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and the Beach Boys. With $2.6 million in revenue the girls rounded out 2012 with the same attitude as they did in 2011, seeing their accomplishments as just the beginning of something big. "Custom content creation and fan engagement is certainly not limited to music. There are countless platforms where you will find die-hard, passionate fans—the Met’s stadium, Iron Man premiere, or World of Warcraft release date. Music fans are not the only ones engaging in an immersive and interactive experience." When not building upon her dream of ‘ZinePak with Brittany, Kim enjoys good music, witty banter, and time with her friends and family. If you don’t interrupt her during one of her beloved Florida Gator games, she is always up for a conversation, laugh, or figuring out a master plan on how she can meet and hug one of her idols, Harrison Ford.

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