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Kent Healy Founder and CEO, The Uncommon Life

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As a teenager, Kent Healy realized that his conventional schooling was not offering the important life-skills necessary to become successful in the real world. This resulted in the authoring of his first book as a teen and a total of 6 books before his 25th birthday. His relentless drive to discover the workings of success lead him to form relationships with world leaders in the field of personal development, co-author several books, and travel to speak around the globe. Looking for the very best lifestyle business, Kent dove into real estate in 2009 and never looked back. While he Healo Capital has become his primary business, he has his hands in other businesses including publishing, writing, speaking, coaching, and graphic design. His recent work focuses on creative and uncommon ways to trounce the status quo in business and in life. Today he travels frequently and works remotely while operating his businesses.

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