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Ken Sundheim CEO, KAS Placement

For his work in both executive search and entrepreneurship, Ken Sundheim's writing has been syndicated by sites such as WSJ.com, Yahoo, Business Insider, About.com and more. He has been interviewed by business writers including Monster.com's Charles Purdy, Amy Levin-Epstein of CBS MoneyWatch, and Anne Fisher of Crain's New York Business. Ken has also been invited to give entrepreneurship and career lectures at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Business and Pace University, among others. Ken's scholastic involvements also include donations to Florida State University, Salisbury University, California Lutheran University, and Fordham University, of which he is an alumnus. Ken opened KAS Placement, an executive search firm, at the age of 25, shortly after graduating university. After three months of enduring a corporate environment Ken decided to leave that firm. On his way back, Ken found himself in the entrepreneurship section of Barnes & Noble, only to get a phone call from his mother, nagging him for leaving his job. Ken grabbed a staffing book at random, bought it, and left the bookstore with what would become the platform for KAS Placement. With a phone and an internet connection, Ken was able to skim the 30-page staffing book and close a low-fee deal with EuroMoney/Institutional Investor, whom he found advertising on Monster. KAS would eventually grow into a company that will be on their second corporate office if growth continues apace in 2011. Ken's goal has been to run KAS like a family, and is proud to be a part of such a business environment.

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