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Jordan Guernsey Chairman, Molding Box

Jordan Guernsey is the CEO of Molding Box, an innovative company that provides order distribution, shipping, print services, and CD/DVD duplication. Molding Box was founded in November of 2005, as a simplified outsourcing solution that provides its customers with flexible printing solutions, scalable shipping and handling services, as well as, disc media production. It all started when Jordan Guernsey decided to branch out from a previous employer. He moved back into his parent's house and set up shop in their basement, armed with only a credit card and a blessing. Once Molding Box started racking up clients, the company faced a new problem- financing a growing business. Trusting his idea would take off, Jordan put everything he had, a Visa with a $500 limit and $500 in cash into his company. His gamble paid off, within the first year Molding Box had eight employees all working in his parent's basement. Molding Box started to take on a life of its own. As volume increased, Molding Box tried several out of the box software solutions, but couldn't find an efficient program that could stand up to the higher volumes they were producing. Molding Box enlisted the help of a programmer and developed the software to handle up to 50,000+ orders at a time. Jordan spent many long hours working with the USPS and finally received approval for Molding Box to print its own delivery confirmation label, which was no easy task. There are only a handful of companies in the world that have gone through the process in order to accomplish this. Jordan realized that Molding Box could not continue to grow and to attract new clients if it needed to rely on software solutions that were not robust enough to fulfill his own expectations, let alone their customers'. Jordan's philosophy is that if you are going to ask someone to do something you should be willing to do it yourself.

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