9 Ways to Use Twitter to Market to Customers and Fans

Question: What is your best tip for using Twitter to market to customers and fans?

Engage with your Followers

"After running Ruby Media Group, a Social Media and Personal Branding agency for over a year now, my best tip for using Twitter to market to customers and fans is to NOT market! This sounds contrary to everything traditional marketers know, but the best companies on Twitter create conversations with fans and become "followers" of their lives, making their product embedded into their daily lives. "

- Kris Ruby | President, Ruby Media Group

Avoid insecurity work

""Insecurity Work" is when you compulsively check your email, website traffic, blog comments, etc, and it's poison. Twitter is one of the most-common causes of insecurity work that I see among young entrepreneurs. I suggest that you limit the time you spend on Twitter each day to less than a half hour. Remember: You don't need to @Reply every single person that mentions your brand. "

It's a "Social" Tool

"Twitter is an amazing tool to market and really interact with fans and customers. It gives you real time conversation with them but if you don't interact and answer questions people have it's a complete turn off. There is a reason that it's a "social media" tool and the key word is "social." Don't constantly shove information down their throats. Be social and see what your customers want or need."

- Ashley Bodi | Co-Founder, Business Beware


"I have an automatic responder using socialoomph.com set up so that when people "follow" me on Twitter they get a direct message regarding my website. For Schedule Makeover(TM) time coaching and training, the goal is to drive traffic to my newsletter sign up."

- Elizabeth Saunders | Founder & CEO, Real Life E®

Provide value and get software to help

"There are two goals you should have when using twitter to market to customers: Establish yourself as an expert and deliver relevant valuable content. Post tips, advice and guidance that will HELP your potential customers. Once you get the content down on what you want to post I recommend using software like Tweet Adder to help you manage the your account and stay active with your followers. "

- Lucas Sommer | Founder CEO, Audimated

Provide Relevant Information

"Twitter is a brilliant tool to push information out to your customers and fans, but it is important to remember that twitter is not about self-promotion. Be sure you're engaging your customer base and starting a dialogue. Create genuine interaction and work to distribute information relevant to your customers. Using this approach will help you harness the power of Twitter."

Be personal & interesting

"70-80% of your tweets should be informational, fun or personal in nature and only 20-30% should be commercial. Retweet interesting links, useful articles and photos taken from your cell phone. For example, at SitePoint we recently tweeted about Movember mustaches, posted photos of 10 staff members who grew mustaches, and asked our twitter followers & facebook fans to vote on the best one. "

- Matt Mickiewicz | CEO & Co-Founder, Hired

Make a direct connection

"My best tip for using Twitter to market to customers and fans is to connect with them individually, instead of publishing content, hoping people will see it."

Twitter Etiquette

"First, understand that quality always trumps quantity when it comes to social media. One hundred evangelists far outweigh 100,000 mere "followers." Second, follow Twitter etiquette: listen, be relevant, mind your brand, engage, and give more than get."

- Heather Huhman | Founder & President, Come Recommended

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2 Responses to 9 Ways to Use Twitter to Market to Customers and Fans

  1. خالد says:

    I disagree with the Auto-responder, and I unfollow people how auto DM me

  2. Christi says:

    I agree and disagree with Matt's statement on Twitter: "70-80% of your tweets should be informational, fun or personal in nature and only 20-30% should be commercial." I agree that more of your tweets should be informational and fun, but not a lot of people are into some of the personal comments like what you ate for breakfast..unless it was something a bit outrageous. I have heard more moaning form Twitter members about some of the personal information given on Twitter (Hey I walked my dog this morning and it was fun!), even though Twitter is a social media platform.

    The positive comments that I've heard from Twitter members were about how they enjoyed interesting, intriguing, and fun informative comments.or comments that lead you to that kind of information on another website. If you look at Guy Kawasaki and what he does, he is a good example someone who really "gets it" by tweeting fun and informative content. For commercial usage, yes..you can promote your product and do self-promotion on Twitter IF you know how to package it. If you are a musician or producer and about to drop a new CD, then you can certainly promote it on Twitter...plus a lot of people like music and want to hear new stuff...especially if you are giving away free music in the process. It is just advisable for you to not spam Twitter every minute with your promotion..use Twitter strategically (e.g, two or three times per day during the 12pm - 4pm time to capture most of the traffic regardless of time zone. Two times either in the morning or evening).

    What I do with my company and its media-entertainment products is to create a new and different comment a couple of times per day, or every other day, about one particular interesting tidbit of info relating to my company's magazine issue or entertainment product such as...."Global Entrepreneurship in emerging markets on the rise, biggest beneficiaries are U.S. young entrepreneurs" , or "Upcoming CD features heart-thumping club mix with percussion from South Asia). Make your content is cool and inviting, and you can promote yourself and what you offer without turning off your audience.

    Finally, If a person is following you, then it is okay to DM them. If its not cool with them to DM them, then that person should not follow you. Again, use DM to genuinely connect with your followers, don't spam them. For business purposes, you can use DM "as an invitation" for them to see your newest website post or try your newest product/service free. Use that method sparingly..and always make your followers feel special and feel like they are an exclusive insider to what you have to offer.

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