7 Tips to Increase Your Direct Marketing ROI

Question: We are about to launch a direct mail marketing campaign. What should we include in the direct mail piece to increase it's chance returning a high ROI?

Question by: Sean Isner

Make Conversions Easy

"If you want high ROI, you'll need to make the buying process as easy as possible. Every extra step it takes to get your money from the customer decreases your conversion rate and reduces ROI. Think about having 1800 numbers, prepaid postage for customers and a one click landing web page that lets customers input their credit card immediately in order to make the sale quickly and efficiently. "

- Matt Wilson | Adventurer in Residence , Under30Experiences
Get a Quality Mailing List

"The most important factor of your success is a high quality mailing list. This is also the easiest way to waste a lot of money. I recommend you get a few smaller lists from multiple providers in order to gauge the best results. Be sure you target your lists properly. Include a tracking code somewhere on your return card to be able to analyze what lists work better for future campaigns."

- |
Socialize Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign!

"In order to increase your direct mail marketing campaigns chance of returning a high ROI, make it more social media friendly with a link back to a custom landing page to send prospects as well as links to your Facebook and Twitter pages.Make it easy for them to "like" you on Facebook and "fan" you on Twitter, and keep them updated with content that carries the same key message as your direct mail"

- Kris Ruby | President, Ruby Media Group

Catchiness without Noise

"Everyone today is being bombarded with e-mail spam, direct mail and other forms of marketing. People have learned to tune out that which seems noisy and non-substantive. Therefore, it is crucial for your direct mail marketing campaign to be clean, visually appealing and simple in message. Make sure your piece offers a clear, quick message of why your product is helpful."

- Zach Cutler | Founder and CEO, Cutler Group

Tips to Increase Your ROI in Direct Mail

"I would put the following in a post card to increase your ROI: 1) A trackable discount code, 2) Expiration date of deal, 3) easy to remember url, 4) less text and more images to get your point across 5) and finally keep it simple. "

Include A Clear Call to Action

"Too many direct mail campaigns have hundreds of words, glossy photos, and no clear call to action. What one action do you want the reader to take? What 2-3 benefits will they enjoy as a result of taking action? Make your campaign stand out with a simple yet direct format."

Talk About the Customer, Not You.

"I help people get the body they want. But what I really help people do is change their behaviors - so they can get the body they want. And the way I do that is very unique. But no one cares about MY system. They care about THEIR results. Make sure your letter stays focused on how your offering will help the reader."

- Adam Gilbert | Chief Body Tutor, My Body Tutor

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