10 Blogs Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

There are some first-class blogs on the web for young entrepreneurs. The challenges that these entrepreneurs face every day are immense and having blogs packed with resources, guidance and inspiration are crucial.

Here’s a list of ten outstanding blogs helping entrepreneurs every day.

1. Mixergy

"Where Ambitious Upstarts Mix!"

Andrew Warner, an outgoing, intelligent guy regularly publishes video interviews with high profiled entrepreneurs. Some of the interviews are long -- typically an hour or more --  but it's that length that let's you learn so much from those being interviewed. It’s exciting to dig into the archives and find past interviews with the likes of  Jimmy Wales, Tim Ferris, Paul Graham and more.

2. GenJuice
"The resource for motivated young adults"

With a team of talented writers, GenJuice is constantly growing and publishing content on interning, career, networking, success, social change and more. They are currently working to create a network of 20 content producers and bloggers

3. Teen Business Forum
"Where teens discuss entrepreneurship"

Aside from creating an active forum of teen entrepreneurs, Jack Liu publishes content geared specifically for his teen-aged audience. He shares interviews, resources and lessons all perfect for the aspiring teen entrepreneur. There is an upcoming online teen business summit slated for late August with speakers such as Guy Kawasaki and Matt Mickiewicz.

4. Under30CEO
"Live the dream"

Jared O’Toole and Matt Wilson started this blog on a mission to help young entrepreneurs. In addition to publishing posts daily with advice on building a successful business or interviews with other young entrepreneurs, there is also a paid membership program. A paid membership gives you access to press opportunities, networking events, startup expense reductions and much more.

5. Quick Sprout
"I'm kind of a big deal"

Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg and Kiss Metrics, shares personal anecdotes from his experiences launching startups on this blog. Though he doesn't publish on a regular basis, it’s exciting when he does because you can tell he put a lot of effort in to the post.

6. The Startup Foundry
"For people who love startups"

On it's way to surpassing TechCrunch for startup lovers, this blog consistently publishes interviews, stories and advice related to startups. It's only been around for 4 months and it's been rapidly growing. The founder, Paul Hontz, once interviewed Guy Kawasaki and immediately decided afterward to buy 20 copies of Guy's book, Enchantment to give away to his readers.

7. ViperChill
"Viral Marketing"

This blog was started by Glen Alsopp, a 21 year old truly living the internet lifestyle, to share his insights and advice on how to build a successful business online. He's always launching new WordPress plugins and products like ViperBar and cloud niche.

8. The Rise To The Top
"Interesting Interviews With Awesome People"

Here, David Garland shares video interviews with fascinating people. Instead of focusing entirely on entrepreneurs, he interviews people that we can all agree have interesting stories to share. It's an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to learn from all sorts of people including athletes, innovators, celebrities, authors and bloggers.

9. Inc.
"Magazine focused on business resources for the entrepreneur."

Inc's website is an extension of their print magazine. They also have a blog featuring entrepreneur contributors such as Scott Gerber, founder of the Y.E.C. and Nolan Bushnell, inventor of the Atari. If you're seeking advice and lessons from many qualified entrepreneurs this is the blog to go to.

10. Young Entrepreneur
"Small Business & Entrepreneur Community"

Young Entrepreneur is run by two friendly and approachable entrepreneurs, Adam and Matthew Toren. Whether it be for starting a business, branding, social media or anything in that realm it's one of the top resources for young entrepreneurs. What sets this site apart is the popular forum. Post a question, request, self promotion and you're bound to see results.


Are you a fan of any of these blogs? What are some other blogs you would recommend?

About Ben Lang

Ben is the creator of Mapped In Israel and a growth hacker at lool ventures. He is currently a soldier in the IDF. He has created projects that have been used by millions of people and has been featured on sites around the world such as TechCrunch, LifeHacker, NYT and more.

7 Responses to 10 Blogs Every Young Entrepreneur Should Read

  1. Ari Massoudi says:

    Great list of blogs ! I advice also to look at wisepreneur.com. Wisepreneur focuses on Leadership, Strategy, Management, Innovation, and Marketing for New Ventures and startupers.

  2. Corey Bulock says:

    This is a great list, but several of these links don't work. I get directed back to this site and says it "can't find" what I'm looking for. Hope that helps!

  3. Agile Scout says:

    solid list. thanks for sharing!

  4. Jack Liu says:

    Thanks for the include Ben.

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